Pitch deconstruction with Javier Soto , Elaine Werfelli, and Yoko Okano @ UW Comotion Tickets
Jan 22 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Pitch deconstruction with Javier Soto , Elaine Werfelli, and Yoko Okano @ UW Comotion

On the Startup Journey, the pitch is a key part of engagement between a startup and investors. Everyone on the team needs to be able to make a credible and succinct pitch about the startup and what you’re doing.

Frequently, startups receive little feedback about the pitch from investors or angel groups. The startup does not get feedback about what was missing, what the investors were concerned about, or even what came across clearly.

During this Pitch Deconstruction workshop, any of the companies that come will have the chance to give their 1-minute pitch. The audience will then vote for who they would like to hear more from, and those winners (typically 5-6) will then give 3-minute pitches. Note: The 1-minute pitches should not include slides. The 3-minute pitches can include a slide deck.

We’ll have active investors at the event to provide general feedback to all of these 1-minute pitches and more direct feedback for the 3-minute pitches.

Do you know a company that would find it useful to get more clarity about what investors are hearing when they listen to their pitch? Please invite them to come to this workshop.

The 7th AI NEXTCon Seattle 2019 @ Meydenbauer Convention Center Tickets
Jan 23 – Jan 26 all-day
The 7th AI NEXTCon Seattle 2019 @ Meydenbauer Convention Center | Bellevue | Washington | United States

Join us at the 7th AI NEXTCon Seattle, the leading technology conference for AI hosted around the world. AI NEXTCon Conference Seattle brings together top technical engineers, practitioners, influential technologists and data scientists to share solutions and practical experiences in computer vision, speech, NLP, machine learning, deep learning, data science/analytics.
The conference features a blend of hands-on workshops, inspirational keynotes, deep dive tech talks, and networking opportunity with like minded colleagues. it’s 4 days conference with keynotes, 40+ tech speakers/tech talk sessions, 50+ tech talks, and 4 workshop/code labs, which specially geared to developers and engineers to learn/share experience, practices, solutions to solve their engineering problems .
Now it’s 7th edition, the NEXTCon has became one of premium tech events for developers, tech engineers, and has attracted more than 500 tech speakers, 8000+ tech engineers attending and more than 50 sponsors (like Microsoft, Amazon, Uber, Oracle, eBay, AI2, IBM, Zillow, Huawei, Alibaba, OfferUp, DiDi, LinkedIn, etc..).
Website: http://aisea19.xnextcon.com
Date:   Jan 23-26, 2019 (1/23-24 main conference; 1/25-26 hands-on code lab/workshop)
Venue: Seattle/Meydenbauer Convention Center
Audience:  software engineers, developers,  system engineers, data scientists, machine learning engineers,  etc..
Previous speakers who spoke at the NEXTCon before:

Jeff Dean, Senior Fellow, Google
Jure Leskovec, Chief Scientist, Pinterest
Jason Wu, VP of Product, Huawei
Xuedong Huang, Tech Fellow, Microsoft
Steve Guggenheimer, CVP of AI at Microsoft
Oren Etzioni, CEO at AI2
Nikko Strom, Sr Principal Scientist of Amazon
Manohar Paluri, Senior research scientist, Facebook
Martin Gorner, Engineer, Google
Jeremy Hermann, Head of Machine Learning, Uber
Sarah Aerni, Director of Einstein, Salesforce
Romer Rosales, Director of AI, LinkedIn
Nikhil Dandekar, Engineering Manager, Quora
Avneesh Saluja, Research Scientist, Airbnb
Francois Chollet, Keras Author, Google
…. more

The Organizer:

AICamp, with the mission of “Make AI available to all developers”, is a global online AI learning platform for developers, engineers, data scientists to learn and practice AI technology. headquartered in Seattle and Silicon valley, we’re one of largest AI tech communities and have local learning groups in Seattle, SF/silicon valley, LA, San Diego, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Denver, Austin, Chicago, Atlanta, NYC, Boston, Vancouver, Toronto, London, Berlin, Paris, China, India, etc.. with 500+ tech lead speakers and 50,000+ tech engineers to learn and practice together AI technology. we have hosted more than 300 tech meetups, bootcamps, workshops, training, and large tech conferences.
Online AI learning platform: http://learn.xnextcon.com
NEXTCon around the world: http://www.xnextcon.com

Startup Grind hosts Jeana Jorgensen GM (Microsoft for Startups) @ Create 33 Tickets
Jan 29 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Startup Grind hosts Jeana Jorgensen GM (Microsoft for Startups) @ Create 33

Jeana has spent the last 17 years at various positions at MSFT. She has taken over Microsoft for Startups and has a renewed focus and plan to help startups with all the connections and knowledge that MSFT possesses. If you have a startup that has a product with enterprise value you HAVE to attend this event. They are building out their team and looking to help startups in very thoughtful way.

Startup Legal Agreements with Daniel Nueman @ UW Comotion Tickets
Jan 29 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Startup Legal Agreements with Daniel Nueman @ UW Comotion

How does your startup set a good foundation, so that as you move into fundraising, you have the key pieces in place. We will discuss how to properly set up your startup to be ready to take on VC and angel investments. This would include discussing the various documents regarding incorporation (vs. forming an LLC), board and stockholder consents, founder stock issuances, employees/contractors, IP, customer contracts, terms of services and privacy policy, etc.

We will also look at a due diligence request list for a typical early stage financing. This will help to frame the foundations that need to be built for your startup.

Daniel Neuman focuses on advising start-ups and emerging companies as well as venture capital funds on the challenges of entity formation, securities, corporate finance, venture capital, mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property and general corporate counseling. Daniel is experienced in representing companies in a vibrant range of industries from software, virtual and augmented reality, e-commerce, life sciences, healthcare, manufacturing, real estate and restaurants. Daniel represents clients in all phases of a business’ growth and life cycles. In particular, he has broad experience in negotiating angel and venture capital financings.

Angel 101 with Elaine Werfelli @ UW CoMotion Tickets
Feb 5 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Angel 101 with Elaine Werfelli @ UW CoMotion

Angel Investing is its own kind of process. It has different characteristics than most investing. To learn more about Angel Investing, we recommend the book by David S Rose called ” Angel Investing”.

There are key things to know about Angel Investing, which when done well can make this an interesting asset class for investment.

Evaluation of Indie VC Terms with Luni Libes + Geoff Harris @ UW CoMotion Tickets
Feb 12 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Evaluation of Indie VC Terms with Luni Libes + Geoff Harris @ UW CoMotion

One of the four critical factors of a venture investment is the structure of the deal. The traditional Preferred Equity agreement or the newer Convertible notes or SAFE Agreements all focus on a specific kind of company. There are a small number of companies that these structures support. The folks at Indie.vc have come up with a set of deal terms that provide an new set of deal terms, which open up a significantly different set of opportunities. These terms have a lot in common with the Equity Redemption deal terms that Luni Libes has been using at Fledge.co, a local impact company accelerator. We will have a discussion by Luni Libes of Fledge and Geoff Harris of Flying Fish Capital about the pros and cons of the Indie.vc terms.

Luni Libes is the founder of Fledge.co, an Impact Accelerator which is now in several cities around the world. An regular inhabitant of Impact Hub Seattle, he came from the tech industry and has spent several years working on programs to support Impact businesses.

Geoff Harris is a former Manager at Microsoft and alumni of the Seattle Angel Conference. He is a partner at Flying Fish Ventures, a new Series A Venture Capital Firm in Seattle.

Calculating Dilution with Carter Mackley @ UW CoMotion Tickets
Feb 19 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Calculating Dilution with Carter Mackley @ UW CoMotion

In the beginning, the founders of a company own all of the stock. As they take outside funds and sell stock, each round dilutes the current stock owners. Overly zealous Angel Investors and misplaced donations of stock to vendors can lead to unexpected results later in the process.

Carter Mackley will walk through the process of understanding stock dilution, cap table calculations and the ways that Startup Founders need to track the process of framing their rounds of outside funding.

Carter is an experienced securities lawyer who focuses his representation on startup companies. In 2010 Carter left “big law”, opting for the low-overhead, virtual-firm style of practice. He formed Mackley & Mackley PLLC with his wife Jennifer. They provide experienced, cost-effective counsel to start-up companies of all types, assisting entrepreneurs with entity formation, founder and employee equity compensation, fundraising, general outside counsel matters, and exit transactions. Mackley & Mackley is an active supporter of the Seattle area angel investor groups and incubators. Carter runs the StartupLawTalk workshop series and www.startuplawtalk.com, the informational website for startup company founders.

Digital Summit Seattle @ Washington State Convention Center in Level 6 Ballroom Tickets
Feb 26 – Feb 27 all-day
Digital Summit Seattle @ Washington State Convention Center in Level 6 Ballroom

Why should you attend?
Phenomenal Content (and more of it!). We’ve expanded agenda to contain over 50 sessions from industry leading companies — each promising the forward-leaning strategies and tactics you need to be successful for 2019.
Awesome Keynotes – including entrepreneur, best-selling author, and tech media personality, Randi Zuckerberg, MGM Resorts’ Social Media heavyweight, Beverly Jackson, and SparkToro CEO, Rand Fishkin. They’re just a small fraction of our all-star lineup.
A ridiculous, expanded list of industry heavyweights and innovators on this year’s speaker roster. We’re talking Facebook, Amazon, Snapchat, Google, BuzzFeed, ClassPass, Microsoft, Salesforce, Forbes, HotelTonight, and many more — with more being added every week!